Tyre Pro Tool Kit BMW
Tyre Pro Tool Kit BMW
Tyre Pro Tool Kit BMW
Tyre Pro Tool Kit BMW
Tyre Pro Tool Kit BMW
Tyre Pro Tool Kit BMW

Tyre Pro Tool Kit BMW

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R1250 & 1200 GS & GSA

A motorcycle tyre tool kit that dramatically eases solo removal & fitment of motorcycle wheels and tyres. No more pinched tubes or damaged tyre beads

Each item in the kit has been chosen to ease what is often a daunting task .

The Tyre Pro Tool Kit includes:

  • Desert Fox tyre ease tool: This tool removes the possibility of pinching of tubes or tearing of tyre beads. Its unique design pushes the tyre back onto the rim, with minimal effort.  
  • Motorcycle Tyre Valve Stem Puller – takes the pain (and bloodied knuckles) out of refitting tubes after a puncture/tyre change. The 3 functions of this tool make valve stem and inner tube jobs faster and easier.
  • Motorcycle 90 Degree Bend Valve Extension- allows for easy inflation of the tyre
  • Rim savers to prevent scratching and chipping of rims
  • Heavy duty tyre levers with wide spoon design makes for easier tyre removal
  • Heavy Dual Chuck Tyre Pressure Gauge with offset head that reaches tight areas.
  • Bead Buddy – No more fighting to keep the bead down as it holds the tire bead down in the drop center of the rim, simplifying tyre changing.
  • Model specific wheel sockets, torque sockets, hex bits and axle tools included.

Only the tools you need for your bike, and none you do not. Packaged in a heavy duty water resistant tool roll.

What is exactly in my kit?

  • Desert Fox Tyre ease tool
  • 3/8” T45 Torx
  • 3/8” T50 Torx
  • 13mm Socket
  • 3/8” High Torque 200mm T-bar
  • 3/8″ Wobble (15 degree) and Rigid Extension Bar (length : 75 mm) for rear wheel
  • 19mm/22mm Aluminum 3/8” axle tool
  • 2x Heavy duty Tyre levers: rounded spoon design to avoid pinching of tubes
  • Bead Buddy
  • Valve puller
  • Rim savers x2
  • 90 Degree valve extension
  • Tire Gauge with Extra large scale for easy reading
  • Heavy duty tool roll with storage pocket